New hope

I’ve been working hard in the last couple of weeks, with 4 weekly training in the gym included at least 2, sometimes 3 interval runs. My diet was still strict, but somehow I felt that my body doesn’t want to change. I’ve also produced control photos, but it was angered me that I did not see any change on them.

I know I should not be impatient, but I still feel that after a month and a half of hard work I have to see some minimal change at least. Especially because I suddenly jumped into the hard work from total laziness so I would expect my body to react.

Last Thursday I freaked out a bit and start crying about why my body not response to the training. In addition to having picked up 3 kg and making some exercises with more weight, I can not see the change. If I could see at least the result of my diet, I’d be happy…

Even less CH

Finally, Gabi advised that I should try even lower the CH input to see if I could shred a little bit. Even though it seemed a good idea, it might causes less power to workout. In spite of this, if I can get rid of a few kilogram it’s worth a try. I’ve decided to drop my daily carbohydrate dose and I eat just as much, as the vegetables garnish contains.

Anyway, I really like the meat and it does not make any problem if I eat only vegetable garnish. Accordingly, in the last few days what I’ve eaten salmon with mixed vegetables or beef stew with greek salad, etc.

Easter weekend I managed to eat very well, I ate a lot of chicken meat, eggs, and of course ham with lots of vegetables. The fatty sausage, hams, minced pork chops stuffed cabbage, and even the cakes and pies I was able to left on the table. I’m really proud of myself!

Small steps forward

At the end of yesterday’s training, I step on the balance and I realised that, finally something is moved. My weight is currently 2kg less than 2 weeks ago. I know this is not much, but the point is, something started! I just needed that! Any small change is good, just to see where I’m going.

This little weight loss gave me a new power and I start to came out of the ups and downs.

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