Blow up the legs!

Today we tortured the legs again! This was my most intense training. Two weeks ago, the maximum weight was 250kg, and today it was 350kg on the leg press machine. Not the bigger weight was the challenge, but the drop-set which we started from here.

Drop set is the key

Drop-set is a non-stop practice where the number of repetitions increases while weight decreases. In this case, the workout started from 350kg with 8 reps, then dropped the weight by 25kg. 10 reps than and again minus 25kg, etc. so I continued to workout until I put 20 reps in the frame at the end.

I was watching before the practice, as Dani closed his eyes, lies his head to the bench and concentrating on the task. I tried to prepare myself mentally for the extra load, but I never thought it would be so burdensome. I only did really understand Dani’s reaction when I started the third series.

I pushed the weight full-tilt, my whole body tensed, pushed my chin down and crushed out the air aloud. I felt like my head wants to explode, I was in a muck of a sweat, there wasn’t enough air, I started to feel dizzy. That was the moment when Dani’s method popped into my mind. I laid down my head to the bench like him, hence more blood came to my brain. It became a good idea!

When I reached the 250kg, I felt my legs wants to blow up, it starts to burning, I have struggled for every single push. At this point, we have increased the repetition, which was the real torture. It seemed as thousand burning needles spiked my legs. I tried to exclude everything, and with closed eyes I focused on breathing, because I knew this is critical.

Dizziness was tormented until the end of the practice, my heart was pounding, and I was barely breathing because of the swelter. When I finally finished the last 20 reps and put my feet down, I was nearly faint out. I needed a few minutes to woke up and be able to speak.

It was an incredibly intense exercise and I really liked it. The really rough thing is that on that day, this was the first workout we started with! After that, we had four more exercises, which we did almost without rest. After the last workout, literally, all my strengths left me and I collapsed to the ground.

I think I’ve been acquitted myself today, thank you Gabi. 🙂

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