The 70/30 rule

Those who have not heard the 70/30 rule may be surprising that the efficiency of bodybuilding is 70% dependent on the food and only 30% on the workout. You can lift the heaviest weight in the gym in vain if you do not support the development of your muscles by giving the right quantity and quality of macro nutrients. There is a lot of information in the cloud, I’ve read excellent articles and studies, but they all say: there is no miracle formula!

The only way to place together my own diet is that I continuously pay attention to the changes, how my body respond. To this end, I decided to check my weight and take photos from myself regularly, preferably at regular intervals. I’m constantly register the values in an excel table, hereby I can follow the changes precisely.

For example, the first week I spent my days to figure out my diet. I determine the macronutrients and calories of my daily meals, set a target value. The biggest challenge to make the food diverse enough and not just chicken breast and rice I have to see on the plate, but even I can hold the target values.

Currently my diet’s target values look like this, calculated per a day, in grams:

  • CH (Carbohydrate): 130
  • Protein: 300
  • Fat: 50
  • Kcal (kilocalories): 1500 – 1800

We decided that the protein dose should be higher at the beginning, because I need more amino acid which I can not get from solid food. For such a lazy body as mine, 4 training a week is a tremendous effort. These values have been almost perfectly adjusted, my diet includes beef, fish, vegetables, eggs, curds, several kinds of fiber, all kind of stuff. I try to varying the ingredients a bit by day to make it more interesting.

Forget the diet, it’s a life form

I know that this is a slow process, and I do not expect that I’ll have a six pack ab in a few months. We all have to accept this. This can only be the result of long-term work.

Forget the fat reducing diet, it’s a lifestyle.

Zsolt Domonkos explained very well how to make diet wisely. I really liked what he said about „cure”! The problem with the cure is that it has an end date. If you are not able to sustain an optimal eating and sporting activity in long term, you can hardly wait until your cure is over and you can finally run to the Mc Donald’s, good lock for that! I believe in a healthy lifestyle.

It is also interesting that the cures generally lose something from the body, which will be missing and your body wants to get back. Whatever it may be, its essence is almost always a kind of disallowance, or perhaps starvation. Our organization, however, is guessing that if something is lacking, the defensive mechanism will start, and survival instinct will dictate that it must be stored in bad times. How does the organization store it? Well, in the fat stores. Excellent!

Like a water tower

I read a lot about how much we have to drink. The short answer is: a lot! Of course, this topic needs to be approached more scientifically. I used different calculators and finally came to the conclusion that at least 4 liters per day would be optimal. This is going to be a huge advance as compared to the previous 2-3 deciliter and a few cups of coffe or Cola per day. When I look into the fridge and I see a lot of booze on the shelf, I remember that some weeks ago, I grab one without thinking and lied down watching a movie…


I’m surely give up the white flour, sugar, pork, alcohol and other fatty foods. This will be tough I know, but when someone put these kind of food in front of me, I just look down at my belly and ask myself: What do you want the most? A six pack ab or a good food? The answer now is clearly the ab! The mirror also bear out this.

Of course, this attitudes holds challenges, especially for my family, but it’s working for me that I cook for myself and for them, separately. Little extra work, but it’s worth it! The point is that I will eat something according to my diet every two hours, so I never feel a devastating hunger, ergo, I do not want the fatty meals what the family like.

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