Shopping like a b*tch

Ever since I started my workout, I’m always thinking that how can I diversify my diet. I read a lot about meats and vegetables, I look at the values of calories and macros, and I use calorie calculators.

I decided to eat beef and fish after the boring chicken. I had the salmon, tilapia and tuna on my list as well. Also I wanted to try the brussels sprout to replace the broccoli.

If you want huge assortment in Szeged then you must go to Nova supermarket. I’m not kidding, I’ve got myself smiling while I walked with the shopping cart. The shelves are sinked under the products. I grabbed some full spelled flour, oat bran, sesame seeds, tilapia and salmon slices, etc. grinning like a child who got the Christmas present. 🙂

I got everything I wanted, but the situation was comical as I did not went into these rows ever before. Rather than I buy beers, bacon and bagels, I’m looking for basil and marjoram now! OMG! 😀

Hello Mr Salmon, my protein cannon!

Since salmon I was freshly obtained from ice, I did not want to re-freeze it, so half of that I threw it into the fry-pan immediately that night. Guys, this fish is wonderful! Earlier I hated fish meat because I had bad experiences with it. If I’m thinking of the fatty „Rác carp” which was served with potatoes and onions, I still have to vomit. It was stinking like a nasty bog. My only favourite fish dishes was the fish soup in Szeged style, also known as „Halászlé” and fried fish in peppered in flour coat.

This orange-yellow salmon meat was, however, very tempting. I sprinkled it with salt and pepper, then fried it on coconut butter. Men! It was something divine. And it’s rich in vitamins, trace elements and protein, a real treat. You must try it!

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