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5 days till the competition!

This week will be the hardest, both physically and mentally. On Monday and Tuesday, I have to drink 10 liters of water, which is very trying, especially with a zero carbohydrate intake. You will think twice about where to go because you can run to the toilet every 5 minutes! 🙂 Today I had to pick up the child at school, which is about a 20-30 minute drive depending on the traffic. I had the safety pee before I left,

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Second pose practice

Unfortunately, there will be no “I” walk in the competition, so there is no free posing, but the use of freely chosen bridging movements is allowed among the mandatory elements. This Sport Physique competition is now like that. Instead of the initial tumbling and spinning, we try to come up with some seemingly continuous series of movements and connect the transitions. I still have to practice a lot, but it’s already better than the first pose practice and my form

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First pose practice

Today, at the end of the training, we practiced the 4 mandatory competition poses expected in the Sport Physique category. It is very demanding, but not only physically, but also mentally. You have to pay attention to a lot of small details and movements, persevere, rotate, and start again and again, it’s not easy at all There’s still a lot to polish…

A month and a half.

Alapállás póz

I still have that much time to prepare before the first race of my life! I have already submitted my entry for the 12th WBPF European Championship in the Sport Physique – Gentleman (+35 years open) category, so there is no going back! 🙂 This will be a huge milestone in my life, especially at nearly 47 years old, and regardless of the outcome, it’s a huge tick on my bucket list. Anyone who has read this blog knows how

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1 year anniversary

I started the life style change and bodybuilding at 6th of Marc in 2017. After one year of persistent and hard work my motivation is consistent, moreover, as i get closer to my goal, it is stronger than ever. The growth and results are keeps me ambitious and maintain my motivation, makes me balanced and happier. Before… When i look at this before-after photo, the most stunning detail for me is the body composition change, because my weight is almost

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Become the best version of yourself

Peoples around us responds naturally to our actions. It’s a fact but I can’t blame anyone about this. If you start doing something new, different, unusual for the rest of them, you will encounter such questions as: – Why do you do this instead of a “normal” sport? – Why do you spend your money for this instead of “normal” things? – Why do you wants to be that big? – Do you think it is worth it? Also, many

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I’am 41 years old and I feel good!

I became 41 years old on October 5. On such occasions, I have a tendency to slow down a little bit, think back to the previous year and ask myself some questions: – Did I do my best to achieve my goal? – Did I get closer to what I dreamed of? – What obstacles did I have to overcome and what did I learn from it? – How do I continue next year, what should I change? – Do

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4th milestone – Under 100kg again!

My weight is below 100kg again! 🙂 This hasn’t been the case for years, so I’m really happy to achieved this. Even though weight loss is not the most important factor in my case, weight loss means that my diet is effective. Based on the measurement and the mirror of course, it is also apparent that my body fat has decreased and my muscle weight is increased. Body fat, you disingenuous snake! I had no way to measure the body

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