All started with the Big Bang

So, this is the starting point. I have to carve a man from this „fat boy”! Not only because I hate myself when I look in the mirror or I can’t run even 1 or 2 km, but because the physician has already noted that my body fat is scouring the upper values, which effects very badly to my heart.

The ultimate goal

My decision is rock solid:
I will lose my body fat and build muscle mass to make human shape!

This is a beginning of a beautiful friendship – again

For this purpose, I returned to Gabi to plan my diet and my workout. I read a lot about burning fat and increasing muscle mass at the same time, and then I found stuff for body composition changes which convinced me that this goal could be achieved.

It is true that the success of this method depends to a great extent the current body fat percentage, but I think it is high enough in my case. It is also true that, thanks to the diet and cardio workouts, I could lose muscle too, but I will try to hinder it with the balance of proper workout plan and protein intake.

Starting the journey

On March 3, 2017 I have started my journey in the Gym Class training room. The place is very nice and well-equipped, demanding, the staff is kind and professional. There are several smaller halls and a huge central area of workout, there are countless machines, manual weight and benches available, but you can even hammering a tractor tire if you like!

Believe or not, it’s team play.

For me, bodybuilding means a long-term lifestyle change, which I can not imagine without help. I need companions and support. Knowing a credible person in the gym is invaluable because his knowledge is invaluable for me. It ease me a lot of time and suffering.

Attention! The picture below shows credible peoples! 😀

The problem is not the problem. The problem is your ATTITUDE about the problem! 😀

In my private life and work, also credible people motivates me. Those who do not just talk about how they should, but they can do it. So I feel myself lucky to work with Gabi again and with my colleague, Dani who will be my training partner. He is Gabi’s apprentice around one and half years now.

I’ve always liked training in pair a lot better, because it is very motivating for me to work with people who are better than me. It is the same situation with Gabi, who has been doing this sport for more than two decades now, and without any bias I can say, he looks awesome, a kick-ass champion in my eyes. On the other hand, it is very useful to see how my partner’s moving, breathing, his posture, and compare to him, how much I need to correct my own.

It’s a pleasure to work with them, Gabi does an excellent job, the exercises are sophisticated, precise and varied, he correct my mistakes in time and following my diet strictly. Dani’s presence is also very motivates me. It’s boost me up when I see him doing a workout with f*cking heavy barbells. I have to put all my effort to catch him which is a very good game! So, the mood is good! 🙂

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