2nd milstone – After the second month

Last week I worked hard on workouts, my enthusiasm was unbroken, indeed! I’m getting stronger and more motivated. Persistent work not only physically but also mentally influences me. I’m fresh, I have more energy, more persistent and more patience which my family appreciates as well. Their feedback is gold for me.

„Big things have small beginnings” – Prometheus

Since I started to change my lifestyle exactly two months ago, I came to another milestone, where it is worth to relaxing for a moment and looking back to my journey. I was looking forward to this day, though I was worried a bit about whether my progress was going well. I know that this is a slow process that starts with tiny steps, but I wanted to see some change, however small it is. I want proof that the work I have invested has some result, something changing, what I do is valuable.

So the control photos are ready, where you can see some apprehension on my face! First of all we note down the circle sizes so we can follow and compare the changes later. We trying to measure exactly those body parts which we measured a month before.

Something happened

During the measurements, I asked my wife Angie several times to measure again because I can not believed that we measured it accurately. On the basis of the work in the gym I have formed an image, a prediction for myself. I felt my arms and legs gained strength, as I was able to do the exercises with ever greater weights. Against this, the values pointed to a mixed picture:

Measurement days 2017 04 01 2017 05 06
Body weight (kg) 104.6 101.3
Arm (cm) 34.5 36
Chest (cm) 109 113
Waist (cm) 97 90
Hip (cm) 110.5 109
Thigh (cm) 66 66
Calf (cm) 41.5 41

My upper body was really well develop, I lost some weight, but my leg which I worked really hard, almost did not change anything. It’s a very interesting thing to experience that how different muscle groups react differently to the load.

These results were impressive to me. During 2 months I wanted to achieve something to get started at least, to start the process, I wanted to see that I’m not working in vain. It’s done!

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