I’am 41 years old and I feel good!

I became 41 years old on October 5. On such occasions, I have a tendency to slow down a little bit, think back to the previous year and ask myself some questions:
– Did I do my best to achieve my goal?
– Did I get closer to what I dreamed of?
– What obstacles did I have to overcome and what did I learn from it?
– How do I continue next year, what should I change?
– Do I still have enough motivation?
– etc.

Everything or more?

I think I can honestly say that I did a lot to achieve my goal. I managed to change my lifestyle, despite the initial difficulties I achieved a sustainable state. I did not torture myself, I don’t want to think in extremity. It is a long journey, I need time to reach my goal and I must no hurry. I don’t want to destroy my motivation by impatience and expect a miracle from day to day. I take my steps in tiny, but I enjoy all the moments on this road because I see the results.

I can not say so honestly that I really did _everything_, because there could always be more. If I did more cardio workouts I would certainly have a lower percentage of body fat. With more strictier diet I would certainly be leanier, with more weight workout I could have more muscle mass and so on. The question for me is always what should I sacrifice and what benefit would I have gained with it? If I did all this, would it have been sustainable in the long run or would it have been momentary flares? As a father of 3 children, the most important question for me is that what I do is compatible with my family life and sustainable in the long run. In the light of that, I do not mind if I skip a running on trademill because instead I cook dinner for my kids. Or just lumping down the couch with my wife to watch a good movie.

Hard work returns!

The positive feedback of my family and friends gives me great motivation, even though I do not see the sharp change every day. Mirrors, photos, scales, centimeters also proves me being on the right track. It was a surprise a couple of days ago when I go shopping and I bought some T-shirts and underpants and instead of XL, the L size was perfect! I know it’s sounds wierd from a guy, but I was very happy when I walk out from the shop with a smile from ear to ear. Until now, it was a boring and compromise process for shopping, but now I’ve started to enjoy it. Somehow everything is looks better on me! 🙂


Even today it is hard to stop me from getting a huge wopper menu, brutal amount of pancakes, a huge pizza with extra cheese or a humped plate gulyás with homemade white bread … uh … and I admit that, at least once a week, I have a cheating day when I let myself seduced. Of course not uncontrollable but on that day I eat everything. In that case, I enjoy eating, filling with endorphins and getting new impetus. In this way, the whole process is more sustainable because sometimes I reward my body / soul for the hard work. The biggest lesson I learned:

I never have to give up anything, I just have to deserve it!

What’s next

What I should change next year is: more cardio workouts. I think we’re doing a very good job in the gym. Of course, weight training could be longer or more common, but currently it gives enough work for a busy guy like me. However, I have to spend more time for interval trainings. I want to see six pack ab again in the mirror! Aside from the constant work, this is my short-term goal, so I need more cardio and strickt diet.


I think my motivation is all right. I always look forward the before and after photos. I already feel very good in my skin, but I have plenty of opportunities for development. A little statistic at the end:

Mérések 04/01/2017 05/06/2017 06/05/2017 08/05/2017 10/08/2017
Body weight (kg) 104.6 101.3 101.8 98.4 95,8
Arm (cm) 34.5 36 36 37 37,5
Chest (cm) 109 113 110 108 104
Waist (cm) 97 90 93 98 98
Hip (cm) 110.5 109 105 99 96,5
Thigh (cm) 66 66 65 62 56
Calf (cm) 41.5 41 42 41 40,5

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