3rd milstone – After the third month

I came to another milestone, passed the fourth month. It’s a great feeling that I receive a lot of positive feedback from my immediate surroundings. Also, I’m starting to love the mirror! 🙂


Seeing the measurement results, it can be stated that some measurement inaccuracies can be calculated. When measuring your hip, waist or thigh, we may not be able to hit the same points where measured it earlier. In addition, while I trying to increase my muscle mass, I did cardio workouts as well, so the body fat composition also varies. In any case, the change is interesting:

Measurement days 01/04/2017 06/05/2017 05/06/2017
Body weight (kg) 104.6 101.3 101.8
Arm (cm) 34.5 36 36
Chest (cm) 109 113 110
Waist (cm) 97 90 93
Hip (cm) 110.5 109 105
Thigh (cm) 66 66 65
Calf (cm) 41.5 41 42

What is more convincing than these numbers is that I now feel the change when I look in the mirror. Some T-shirt looks pretty good on me which I have not been wearing for a long time! 🙂

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