4th milestone – Under 100kg again!

My weight is below 100kg again! 🙂 This hasn’t been the case for years, so I’m really happy to achieved this. Even though weight loss is not the most important factor in my case, weight loss means that my diet is effective. Based on the measurement and the mirror of course, it is also apparent that my body fat has decreased and my muscle weight is increased.

Body fat, you disingenuous snake!

I had no way to measure the body fat percentage before, but in the mirror it looked very high, so I was in the obese category for sure. For a height of nearly 190cm, I had a 104kg body weight. My body was very covered, there wasn’t clear muscle tone. Now, thanks to the body composition change, the outlines are more conspicuous and aesthetic, the body fat pads are also reduced.

In addition to the normal measurements, my newly purchased fitness scales (Sencor SBS 6015BK) will help me to measure body fat, water, muscle mass and bone density based on the wavelength of the micro electricity delivered into the body. For the last few measurements, my body fat fluctuated between 22-25%, which moves on the acceptable and obese border. I can not imagine how much it was when I started the lifestyle change…

Here are the numbers:

Measurement days 01/04/2017 06/05/2017 05/06/2017 05/08/2017
Body weight (kg) 104.6 101.3 101.8 98.4
Arm (cm) 34.5 36 36 37
Chest (cm) 109 113 110 108
Waist (cm) 97 90 93 98
Hip (cm) 110.5 109 105 99
Thigh (cm) 66 66 65 62
Calf (cm) 41.5 41 42 41


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