1 year anniversary

I started the life style change and bodybuilding at 6th of Marc in 2017. After one year of persistent and hard work my motivation is consistent, moreover, as i get closer to my goal, it is stronger than ever. The growth and results are keeps me ambitious and maintain my motivation, makes me balanced and happier.


When i look at this before-after photo, the most stunning detail for me is the body composition change, because my weight is almost equal on both picture. On the before picture i was 104 kg and my body fat was significantly above the normal range.

At the first three month my weight was the same, nothing has changed. Later, thanks to the strict diet and the regular trainings it started to decrease very slowly and my metabolism started to speed up. I remember how happy was i am when i saw ninety-something on the balance.

After 7-8 month i was 94 kg, my weight loss process started to slow but in the meantime my muscle mass started to grow. Also i had more experienced in the food supplement market so i started to eat more cleaner and more efficient.


On the after photo, i’m 102 kg but my body composition is totally different. My body fat is around 24-26% which is now on the normal range. There is not too much details but the shape is good, i think i can say that it is athletic-looking now.

Bench press

The best way for me to measure the growth, beside the mirror and the centimeter, is measuring the performance. For me it is always challenging to try to break my limits, it keeps me ambitious and motivated. Bench press is one of my favourite exercise and it is the one which shows me the most efficient growth in my performance.

One year ago i started the bench press with 60 kg. After more than a half year i reached the 100 kg but at this point i made couple of mistakes. First i wasn’t prepared and i failed. After that failure i started to fear from this weight. It was a challenging mental battle, i had to conquer my fear but i did it.

Since then i trying the 110 kg:

Moreover i had a try with 120 kg:

After this i felt myself strong enough to break a new record with incline dumbbell press:

Further goals

My goal for the year 2018 is to get my muscle shredded and my muscle tone be more sharper and sharper. And six-pack abs at the end of the year of course! 🙂


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