5 days till the competition!

This week will be the hardest, both physically and mentally. On Monday and Tuesday, I have to drink 10 liters of water, which is very trying, especially with a zero carbohydrate intake. You will think twice about where to go because you can run to the toilet every 5 minutes! 🙂 Today I had to pick up the child at school, which is about a 20-30 minute drive depending on the traffic. I had the safety pee before I left,

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Shoulders day

Today, we’ve been doing 7 workouts, including this kick-ass machine. Hope that I can put on my t-shirt tomorrow without any help. 🙂

Barbell full squat

For many years now I’ve been squatting for the first time and I really enjoyed it! The goal was to practice the movement and doing it as smoothly as possible. I hope it looks good from the outside! I feel like I’m going to love this workout. Execute correctly At first sight, squatting looks quite simple practice, but you have to pay careful attention to the correct execution because you can have a lot of problems if you are not

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Blow up the legs!

My new friend 350kg

Today we tortured the legs again! This was my most intense training. Two weeks ago, the maximum weight was 250kg, and today it was 350kg on the leg press machine. Not the bigger weight was the challenge, but the drop-set which we started from here. Drop set is the key Drop-set is a non-stop practice where the number of repetitions increases while weight decreases. In this case, the workout started from 350kg with 8 reps, then dropped the weight by

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