New hope

I’ve been working hard in the last couple of weeks, with 4 weekly training in the gym included at least 2, sometimes 3 interval runs. My diet was still strict, but somehow I felt that my body doesn’t want to change. I’ve also produced control photos, but it was angered me that I did not see any change on them. I know I should not be impatient, but I still feel that after a month and a half of hard

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Be the Boss of your own body


I started the training 2 weeks ago, my weight started to lift slowly. I trying to polish my diet, but at the age of 40 it’s natural that I do not react as fast as I was twenty-two. Since my diet has changed radically, it also affects my metabolism and my digestion. I wanted to speed up these processes a little bit, optimise them to the changed lifestyle, so after many reading I inserted the following supplements into my diet:

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The 70/30 rule

Arnold Schwarzenegger - never skip a meal

Those who have not heard the 70/30 rule may be surprising that the efficiency of bodybuilding is 70% dependent on the food and only 30% on the workout. You can lift the heaviest weight in the gym in vain if you do not support the development of your muscles by giving the right quantity and quality of macro nutrients. There is a lot of information in the cloud, I’ve read excellent articles and studies, but they all say: there is

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